Some people consider procrastination as laziness that may be pretty much right, but in simple terms, when you delay your tasks for any reason, be it laziness, feeling overwhelmed, fear of failing, already have lots of tasks, not able to make a decision, tired or something else, can be considered as procrastination, says Mohit Tandon.

There are various students and other people who face procrastination, which is not a serious issue if you strictly follow some tips and instructions to overcome procrastination. However, if you avoid this issue, then may be it turns into a serious problem which can lead to undesired outcomes.

How To Stop Procrastination Behaviour?

You can get several methods to overcome procrastination, but whether you seriously want to follow the methods, or not will depend on you. The following are some methods that can help you to diminish procrastination:

  1. Identify The Root Of The Problem

Before you start tackling procrastination, the first thing that you need to determine what thoughts prevent you from completing a specific task? One of the common methods to avoid this by forcing yourself to spend more time on a particular task, and once you’ve started, you’ll find it easy to eliminate the presence of putting off action to a later time.


You need to know the answer of the following questions:


  • When you procrastinate: At what time you feel procrastination? For example, when you have to finish your task at night.
  • How you procrastinate: You procrastinate when you try to finish your task, but you start using your phone and going on. As a result, you delay your work.
  • Why you procrastinate: Let’s continue with the previous example, when you have to work at night, may be you will not be more comfortable doing work at night than doing work in the morning.


  1. Cope With Your Fear: Reason Behind Fear

One of the main reasons for procrastination is having a fear of failure or fear of success that you don’t deserve success at all. The first things that you should address your fear and the reason behind it because when you successfully identify the reason behind your fear, you’ll be more able to overcome your procrastination.


  1. Prioritize Your Tasks By Making A To-Do List

You need quick goal planning so that you can arrange your tasks according to their priority. Irrespective of what your career goals are or health goals, but here you need to make a list of your goals that you want to accomplish. When you set priority corresponding to tasks, then you will more likely to complete them as soon as possible.


You can also ask yourself whether lower priority tasks matter to you or do they impact you or not. If they matter to you, then you’ll absolutely complete them.


  1. Break Down Large Tasks Into Smaller Segments

Whenever you are working on a big project or event, then how could you manage that event or project? Many of you will say that they can divide their project into small elements, isn’t it? Absolutely right! You can break down your event into sub-sections because it might be easy for you to accomplish that task accurately, suggested by Mohit Tandon.


Taking baby steps to achieve your target can be beneficial for you because, in this way, you’ll less likely to procrastinate. You may have noticed when you get a large project, you get nervous, and most probably, you lose your focus because of nervousness. By breaking down your large project into small segments, you can clearly focus on one task at a time.


  1. Pay Attention To Your Task By Eliminating Distraction

Many of you will have this problem that when you try to start working on a particular task, you start checking your phone or start watching TV, all these things distract you, so whenever you start working on a task, keep away yourself from things that distract you the most.


You can sit in a room where only two things exist, you and your work, nothing else. Try to turn off your Facebook notification and other social media notifications that can prevent you from focusing on your task.


  1. Treat Yourself For Your Efforts

Once you have completed your tasks, you can celebrate your winning no matter how big or small goals you have achieved. You need to pamper yourself by buying clothes for yourself, go for a coffee with your friends, and watch your favorite movie or something that you love so you can motivate yourself to be dedicated to your work.

Final Thoughts On Procrastination

You can follow the above steps to overcome procrastination, even if you feel a little bit of improvement that means you are taking baby steps to diminish the existence of procrastination. There is a saying “Done is better than perfect” means you need to take a step to complete your task instead of delaying it so that it can be done in a better way.